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Sure. I followed the stepes, I geenerated the signed APK. But when I press debug, the application doesn't get installed and throws that error. Here is my source code:

https://1drv.ms/u/s!AlylyhDZTn0whspye8K ... Q?e=fPNwEb
I followed the steps and I got this error:
Thanks, ill try it!
Hello fellow developers! At work we bought the RK3399DevKit2 because of all its interfaces. However, when I try to debug an app though USB, i get -1 return to all functions(getBoardType, exportGPIOPin, setGPIODirection, etc..). I'm trying with these lines and it's not working. ./adb root ./adb disab...
Hello! I am developing a driver for a panel that is connected through a NT35532 controller. Basing my code off of the panel-simple.c and initialization codes from the panel's manufacurer, I have a crash while the video modes are probed. This is my timing structure: static const struct drm_display_mo...