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Hi as for the true 64-bits bootloader and Linux 4.x kernel support we haven't gotten full complete source code from Samsung. As soon as we get their code we will release them asap We do have a plan to release a 2G RAM T3. We are still working on its design and wish to release one in a couple of mont...
Unfortunately we may not have such a plan to release this board in the near term
Thank you for your interest in our products. Could you please send us your delivery address, boards and quantity you like to sales@friendlyarm.com we will check the shipping cost for you
Hi all

Our current NEO is V1.1. Please check our wiki which lists the differences between the current one and the old one.
Hi thank you for your attention.
Once we get this support we will arrange its development but we cannot say it for sure exactly we will be able to release it since it depends on various factors
As for the toolchain we will decide that after we get the new kernel
You need to use an amplifier or connect a headphone or amplified speaker to your board.

In this post we listed our existing Nano boards and their applicable heat sinks
Hi we don't have a 64-image yet. We wish we could release a 64-bit image in a couple of months. Samsung currently doesn't support a 64-bit image.
SInce NEO doesn't have any video interface (LCD or HDMI) we didn't put our resources on migrating an OS with GUI (e.g Android and Debian) to NEO.

For M1 which is also H3 based but has an HDMI interface we have Debian and Android images available
CNX report: http://www.cnx-software.com/2016/05/20/35-nanopi-m3-octa-core-64-bit-arm-development-board-is-powered-by-samsung-s5p6818-processor/ Hackerboards.com : http://hackerboards.com/open-spec-octa-core-nanopi-m3-sbc-sells-for-35/ A hands on review including navigation of Debian https://www.yout...
CNX: http://www.cnx-software.com/2016/07/07/smaller-than-raspberry-pi-zero-meet-nanopi-neo-arm-linux-development-board/ http://www.cnx-software.com/2016/07/20/getting-started-with-nanopi-neo-development-board/ Hackerboards.com: http://hackerboards.com/worlds-smallest-quad-core-sbc-starts-at-8-dollar...
This might be caused by your power adapter. You may try a more reliable power adapter. If it still doesn't work could you help collect its system messages and post them here? That helps a lot
Thank you :D
Hi here a very informational post which you might be interested in:
http://wiki.ant-computing.com/Choosing_ ... build_farm
We are not quite sure about the root cause. The Ethernet (hardware) should be fine. Its TX can reach 600Mb/s and its RX can reach 900Mb/s.
We suspect that some system settings may be inappropriate.
Could you try: ping ports.ubuntu.com
Hi would you like to share your details with us? That would be of great help to all M1 users. Thank you very much!
Sorry we don't take credit cards. We only take paypal or bank wire transfers
The GPIO is not 100% pin to pin identical to RP's. You need to check M3's GPIO pin description and make some changes accordingly.
http://wiki.friendlyarm.com/wiki/index. ... _M3#Layout
Thank you very much for raising this issue. Please check the link in one week. Hope we can release its English version then
Sorry we didn't test that module with our M1.
The GPIO pin headers on quite a few of our Nano boards are compatible with that of Raspberry Pi boards however we didn't test many of those modules that can work with RP with our boards.
You may at least need to do some work on debugging the driver.
Open this link:
http://wiki.friendlyarm.com/wiki/index. ... ted_Kernel
and search for "Generate Your boot.img"

This section works for all 4418 based boards including the NanoPi 2
Sorry it is not open source
You can refer to the following link to set HDMI resolution

http://wiki.friendlyarm.com/wiki/index. ... Resolution
Hi could you post the system messages? It would be of great help if we can get system messages which give us details about almost every step in system booting.
Sorry we already ceased production of the NanoPI 2. We will have a revised model very similar to the NanoPi 2 to be released in a couple of months.
ARCH64 is not ready yet. We wish we could make an image that supports it in a couple of months.
As for the Ethernet issue you can try our latest image dated 20160629 under that mediafire link
we don't have specific instructions on how to install this header. I would suggest your do the whole package
Unfortunately the Matrix code may not work with M2 for now and we haven't tested the code yet. We only tested the code for M1/NEO and Pi2/Fire/M2/T2
Hi thank you for raising these issues. We recently updated our wiki for T3. http://wiki.friendlyarm.com/wiki/index.php/NanoPC-T3 You can refer to T3's instructions and download links for compiling an image. The T3 and M3 share the same image files and instructions. We will update our M3's Wiki soon
Hi actually we built our Qt image from the source code obtained from Qt's official site. The instructions we followed to build the Qt image are also presented on Qt's official site. You can check their site for complete details
Hi thank you very much for your interest and attention to our boards
Currently we are still working on some projects for NEO I would suggest you check our wiki for NEO once in a while. Whenever we have any update we will update our wiki

Hi sorry we don't have a complete headless Debian yet. We have a UbuntuCore + Qt which is very close to a headless OS (UbuntuCore + a Qt Demo).

We are very interested in Ambian too and see if we can get some help to make it work on our NEO/M1
Yes you can. The baud rate we set is 115200
Recently we released several heat sinks for our existing Nano boards. Each of these heat sinks only applies to one or multiple but not all the Nano boards. Here is a list of heat sinks to their the boards. Heat Sink-T2/T3 works with NanoPC-T2 and NanoPC-T3 http://www.friendlyarm.com/index.php?route=...
We released a new Pi member: NanoPi NEO

Here is its product page:
http://www.friendlyarm.com/index.php?ro ... uct_id=132

Here is its wiki page:
Thank you very much for your attention to our NEO.
We are working on NEO's heat sink and 3D housing and wish we could release them in one or two weeks.
Hi we are still working on the 2G model. The major difference is that its RAM is 2G and most of all the other features are the same as the 1G model
Hi Davef,

We actually decrease the clock of the RAM in our latest images for M1 therefore relieving the overheat issues.
However we haven't applied this method to our 4418 image files and are not sure whether it can work.
Our latest image files for the M1 greatly relieve the overheat issues
Hi we are updating this script and will push our new file to GIT. You may check it in five days.
Please try these steps : $ apt-get update && apt-get install git $ git clone https://github.com/friendlyarm/matrix.git $ cd matrix $ make && make install Then try your executable on your board: $ matrix-gpio_out No we didn't test the WritingPI on our boards. No the 40pin pin-header i...
We have a CE BSP that works with our capacitive LCD.
You can get it from here:
https://www.mediafire.com/folder/q8rqdv ... ource_code