I need help in order to be able to use NanoPi Neo LTS board for a product that and we have to customize the flash image.
We have developed a running unit of NanoPi Neo with a 32 GB SD card (since there is no smaller disk produced anymore - unfortunatly). We added apache, java, php, mariadb, node and many more to it and configuring steps are complex.

But when it comes to copy the disk image, it is not practical for production to use a 32 GB disk image.
I would like to shrink it, and make it like the h3_sd_friendlycore-focal_4.14_armhf_20210618.img we used to start with.

I tryed several methods but couldn´t find a working solution.

Please give the steps that we can follow to convert a customized 32 GB disk image and reduce its size, so that we can use win32diskimager.exe to flash to new SD cards faster.