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Nanopi- ARM926EJ-S how set ttySAC0 to null

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I woud like to use ttySAC0 at 57600,n,8,1

How to disable the boot settings ?

May i set it to "console=null" inside prebuilt/sdevn.raw ?

and add to this inside /etc/rc.local

stty -F /dev/ttySAC0 clocal raw speed 57600

i appreciate any help


Hello, to disable boot settings and set the configuration for ttySAC0 at 57600,n,8,1, you can follow the steps below:

Disable boot settings:

1. Access the bootloader configuration file, which is usually located in the /boot directory or /etc/default/grub.
2. Look for the line that specifies the boot settings and remove or modify it accordingly. It might look something like "console=XXXXX" or "console=ttySAC0,57600".
3. Save the changes and exit the file.

Modify prebuilt/sdevn.raw (if necessary):

1. If you have a prebuilt/sdevn.raw file, you can modify it to set the console to null, but be cautious as this might have unintended 2. consequences.
3. Locate the line that sets the console and change it to "console=null" if it's present.
4. Save the changes.

Update the /etc/rc.local file:

1. Open the /etc/rc.local file using a text editor (e.g., sudo nano /etc/rc.local).
2. Add the following line before the "exit 0" line:

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stty -F /dev/ttySAC0 clocal raw speed 57600

3. Save the changes and exit the file.

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