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Hi, i just tried to design new PCB as same as Odroid C2 and use Nano Pi K2 image to boot but not successful.

no sdio debug board detected
TE: 204865

BL2 Built : 12:06:06, Jun 13 2016.
gxb g176ecdb - laiyin.mo@droid12-sz

set vcck to 1100 mv
set vddee to 1000 mv
Board ID = 8
CPU clk: 1536MHz
DDR chl: Rank0+1 same @ 792MHz
DDR0: 2048MB(auto)-2T-11
DataBus test pass!
AddrBus test pass!
Load fip header from SD, src: 0x0000c200, des: 0x01400000, size: 0x00004000
New fip structure!
Load bl30 from SD, src: 0x00010200, des: 0x01000000, size: 0x0000d460
Sending bl30......................................................OK.
Run bl30...
Load bl31 from SD, src: 0x00020200, des: 0x101000[0, size: 0x00013140
Image: gxb_v1.1.3134-b387442 2016-06-16 14:48:44 yun.cai@droid06]
7 53 56 54 4 41 a3 19 d 45 5f 13 [0.299613 Inits done]
secure task start!
high task start!
low task start!
Load bl33 from SD, src: 0x00034200, des: 0x01000000, size: 0x0006ae70
NOTICE: BL3-1: v1.0(debug):c813a61
NOTICE: BL3-1: Built : 14:47:05, Jun 16 2016
INFO: BL3-1: Initializing runtime services
WARNING: No OPTEE provided by BL2 boot loader
ERROR: Error initializing runtime service opteed_fast
INFO: BL3-1: Preparing for EL3 exit to normal world
INFO: BL3-1: Next image address = 0x1000000
INFO: BL3-1: Next image spsr = 0x3c9

U-Boot 2015.01-00014-g4ef665f (Apr 12 2017 - 13:37:54)

Relocation Offset is: 76f3b000

It stopped here. Would you please show me what is missing?
Hello, I think you should ensure that you are using the correct bootloader for your PCB design. The log indicates that the U-Boot version is "U-Boot 2015.01-00014-g4ef665f (Apr 12 2017 - 13:37:54)." Make sure this version is compatible with the hardware and configuration of your PCB.
The error message WARNING: No OPTEE provided by BL2 boot loader suggests that there might be a configuration issue with the Trusted Execution Environment (TEE). If the Nano Pi K2 image expects a TEE and your hardware doesn't provide one, this could halt the boot process.

block blast
Hi rice purity test, it seems your boot process is hanging at the U-Boot stage after the relocation offset is set. Here are a few things you could check:

SD Card Image: Ensure that the Nano Pi K2 image you are using is compatible with your custom PCB design. It might be worth trying a different image or a fresh download of the same image.

Power Supply: Verify that your power supply is stable and provides sufficient current for the PCB. Inadequate power can cause boot failures.

Connections and Soldering: Double-check all connections and solder joints on your PCB. Poor connections can lead to intermittent failures.

Boot Configuration: Ensure that all boot configuration settings (e.g., DIP switches, jumpers) are correctly set for booting from the SD card.

Debugging Tools: Use a serial console to get more detailed logs from U-Boot. This can provide additional insights into where the boot process is failing.

Memory Initialization: The logs indicate that DRAM initialization is complete, but it's worth verifying if the memory configuration matches your hardware design.

Firmware: Make sure the firmware (BL1, BL2, BL31, BL33) is correctly built and compatible with your hardware.

SD Card: Try a different SD card or format the current one and reload the image to rule out issues with the storage medium.

Please check these areas and provide more details if the issue persists. Good luck!

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