I need some help with an application we use on Windows CE devices we use. The devices are Juniper Allegro CX with windows .net 4.2 OS. The Problem we have is this: The devices use approx. 4" TOUCHSCREENs in color and in monochrome. What happens is this, with use the touchscreens fail and have to be disabled, via keyboard to begin, then disconnect ribbon cable finally. Replacing these touchscreens is almost impossible to find as they are built into the face of the unit. What we end up doing is using the KEYBOARD input for everything that the Application (Surveying) needs and is almost adequate, except for ONE Main Function or Dialog, that You Cannot Escape or Close! The Dialog is described as follows, There are only 4 Selectable Items within this dialog, and a Graphic windows that kind of shows "Proximity" of Field Conditions being updated. Most every dialog in the software is navigatable via TAB through items and spacebar to select or toggle. Within this Dialog: Item 1 is a toggle and Works when you select the space bar. item 2 is a toggle check mark and cannot be accessed (tab will not leave focus from the first item). Item 3 is Options with an underscore O that 'should be selectable via ALT 'O', but isn't, nor can you tab to it, -won't leave focus on item 1. Number 4 is a CLOSE button on bottom Right of Screen, and this is where I Need Someon'e Help Badly! Without use of touchscreen, we cannot Find Any Way to Close this Dialog. We have tried Every Keyboard Key or Combination you can Imagine, Will Not Close! You can Alt Tab - End Task, and Close the Whole Application, but that is not an option. Surely someone knows a KEY or Keys, an App, perhaps a macro or capture of a touchscreen pick on this Close Button via a unit that has working touchscreen (have). If someone could Please Help Me to Close this Dialog I would be Forever Grateful.