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k2 Android image fails to boot

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Hi there,

Just received 2 K2 from the post, followed instruction on Wiki:


Have the Android image downloaded, used Etcher to flash the ima to an SD card.

Power up my new K2 after popping the SD card in, it just never boots up. I can see Friendlyarm logo on monitor and it tries to run Android, but it seems in a loop.

Sorry if there is something really obvious I’ve missed. I’m completely new to Friendlyarm. Previously have 4 RPI and I have been using the same method to flash image to SD card and working great. Not sure if it is the right way for K2.

Your guidance is really appreciated
pandaedward wrote:
Have the Android image downloaded, used Etcher to flash the ima to an SD card.

Did you use the Android image for sd card?
Because there is also a Android-image for eMMC, which maybe wouldnt work on a uSD-card:

Image File:
nanopi-k2_android_5.1.1-YYYYMMDD.img.zip Android5.1 Image File for flashing a TF card
nanopi-k2_android_5.1.1-emmc-YYYYMMDD.img.zip Android5.1 Image File for flashing an eMMC module

*TF-Card = uSD-Card
Thanks for reply.

I did pick the Android image for SD/TF card to flash. A 16 G Kensington is used, should be generic enough.

The strange thing is K2 seems boot alright but just unable to go into Android then it restarts itself all over again.

Just can’t get my head around why :shock:
I am a bit confused on the Wiki as well:

http://wiki.friendlyarm.com/wiki/index. ... MMC_Module

I flashed the Android 5.1.1 img to SD/TF card. Do I still need to follow the instruction further down the page from "Make Installation Card under Linux Desktop" on the same SD/TF card?


Based on my RPI experience it is flashing image to SD is enough to get it up and running, what about K2?
I have the same problem, did anyone find a solution?

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