I received my UM790 Pro recently and fitted it with a 2TB WD Black SN770 to replace the 512GB SSD it came with.

I had already a copy of Windows 11 installed on it and once I had installed the drivers from Minisforum support site, it seems to work well with little to no issues (need to test more however to be fully sure).

However, when trying to install Ubuntu onto the drive, it is simply useless. The installer crashed 4 times due to filesystem errors and when it did finally succeed in installing, the OS was completely unusable with input/output errors plaguing every command.

I have tried 23.04 and 22.04.1 LTS and they both will not install or function correctly. Not being able to use Ubuntu effectively relegates this machine to a paperweight (for me personally due to my occupation) and as a result, I will be sending it back unless anybody can offer any ideas as to why this is happening and what I'm doing wrong.

To be clear, this NVME SSD was from my previous machine but is less than a year old, was never pushed beyond its thermal limits and ran Linux with absolutely no problems at all.