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No access to R2S UART

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Is anyone doing anything special to get into the uart of the R2S? I know the baud rate is 1500000 I can not seem to get this to work on any device or any adapter so far. I have tried three different adapters and every time I try to access the R2S at that baud rate I just get garbage characters. I was able to adjust the baud rate in the OS I loaded however this means the uboot is still at that 1.5M. Any tips or info would be very helpful!
I was able to access the R2S UART by connecting it directly to an RPi4 and using cu on the RPi4.

Note: the RPi4 in question is running aarch64, so the serial device may be different than expected.

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cu -l /dev/ttyS1 -s 1500000
I find things can be a bit tricky at higher (1.5M) bitrates, and it generally seems to be down to the chip on the adapter.

Avoid Prolific PL2303 (almost all of them are clones which don't work very well at the higher rate) and FTDI (ditto, and FTDI can eat a bag of dicks).

SiL CP2102 or CP2104 based adapters seem to the best IME, with the Winchiphead CH340 as a reasonable alternative.

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