I'm running Arch Linux ARM on my Neo3, and it works great. The only problem I have is that I can only connect one usb hdd via usb3, and my other two have to be connected to usb2 using a hub in order to work.
I recently bought a usb3 hub, and if I plug that into the usb3 port, the Neo just won't boot. I also tried hotplugging it once and that made the Neo crash.

My first thought was that maybe it needed more power than I was giving it because my PSU was too weak to spin the fan for example (I had to help it start using a screwdriver), but now I switched to a 65W usb-c power supply and the same thing still happens. The fan spins much faster now though.

Could it still be draining too much power? The hub doesn't have a separate power supply or a port for one, but I'm waiting for another one to ship that should have a 5V input. What else could cause it not to boot?