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NEO3 Wallpaper

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After being inspired by the NEO3 and it's white case my wife and I came to call it "marshmallow", I then discovered that it runs very hot 63°C idle and 85°C under load with heat sink and case. So I present to you the flaming marshmallow wallpaper for your desktop! :lol:

Mine runs around 70 C when idle and goes up to around 87 when under load on Armbian (idle is around 68 with the ubuntu image), but honestly I haven't put it under load really. I opened the plastic case, now the heat sink is exposed, temperature dropped to 55 C...
I don't think I'm the only one. I can't solve it, so I'm waiting for some smart heads to help.
tunnel rush
Fun fact : I decided to give some rest to my nanoPi R5S (NAS, Media Server, etc)...and buy a smaller device only for torrent, thinking I would have some power and temperature reduction...and I picked Neo3 as an alternative.

LOL. This little thing runs hot as hell...and I got ZERO watts economy...even though its hardware is smaller than R5S.

I hope FriendElec developers tweak down the CPU Power Management a bit...in order to get this machine to work a little colder.

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