Ref.: Google Drive location of FriendlyElec
Folder: 02_Testing or Third Party images

Dear FriendlyElec,

First a compliment: The eFlasher image of Debian-Buster works great.
I used it to install Docker, Portainer and Home Assistant ( Container ).

With Debian11-BullsEye it would be possible to install Home Assistant ( SupperVisor ) which gives far more possibilities.

I tried to download the test image of Debian-BullsEye but got the message :” Maximum number of downloads reached (or similar words )”.
Last update was: 2023.01.15

-> -> So my question is: When will Debian11-BullsEye become available for download ?

Thanks in advance.
I tried the road of upgrading Debian10 Buster -> Debian-11 BullsEye which is a lot of work but in the end the process stopped ( at14%) with this error:
“ insserv: Default-Start undefined, assuming empty start runlevel(s) for script ‘’ and the last line was insserv: Default-Stop undefined, assuming empty stop runlevel(s) for script ‘’ “

How to fix this error is beyond my Linux knowledge.
But in the process I learned a lot ( thanks to viewing many YT video’s and reading many Debian Blogs )