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loading Imgage to eMMC

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I have tried at least a dozen times to load a image to the eMMC via sd to eMMC and even USB to eMMC and the only one that seems to work is the FriendlyWrt 22 imgage.

can someone please tell me if they have gotten any of the other images to load either via sd or USB?

Loaded Android to emmc using usb A-A Cable & RKdevTool.

Usb A-A Cable to USB3 port

Put nanoPi device into Img mode (MASK button depressed whilst connecting power, release mask button after 4-5 seconds

Start RKDevTool_Release_v2.84

Change all .bin files to point to extracted Android image folder equivalents
Then Click Highlighted first button (next to words Loader Ver 1.ob) to write image to eMMC

Hope that helps.

Thanks for this post, I finally got Android on the unit. Friendly don't exactly explain what you need to do in a simple way on the Wiki. It doesn't help that the default language of the software, downloaded from the non-Chinese part of the site is also Chinese.

But it's Android TV which is just horrible.

Does anyone know of a regular Android image that will work?
I put Android on the unit at last. Friendly don't exactly tell you in a simple way what you need to do on the Wiki. Even though I downloaded the software from a part of the site that wasn't in Chinese, the default language was still Chinese.

slime rancher 2
Change the file config.ini language to English from Chinese


I have booted most of the images available from SDcard/eMMC fine. I just spotted today that file location for downloads has changed. (see https://dl.friendlyelec.com/nanopir6s)

You can use any nvidia shield tutorial to make AndroidTV look great (i have a nice setup for Kodi/xenon + working WIFI + emulation on R6S) and normal Android is available from link above.

hope that helps


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