I am using rk3588-eflasher-friendlywrt-22.03-docker-20221117.img

This is just a general suggestion that might make initial setting of FriendlyWRT easier.

By default, bridged LAN (eth0 & eth1) is hard-coded to IP:

This is a bit unfortunate as some router manufacturers use that as a default gateway address for their devices.
In my case, I use multiple VLANs, and one of them happens to be 192.168.2.x.
So now, when I try to reach the FriendlyWRT web admin page, I get completely different device...

If you really want / need to have an IP hard-coded, a better choice would be to preset it to a higher IP, perhaps
Of course one wonders why there is any need at all to pre-assign an IP to any device / port.
Magic of DHCP works just fine for eth2...