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Imaging and booting from an SD Image

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I don't know what I did wrong in ordering this Nanopi R6C. It came with NO INSTRUCTIONS.
The Website is so messed up and full of broken links that I can't find simple info like where to download the Debian 11 image for it -- there is a listing for it, but no actual link to it.

Also -- When I start up the NanoPi R6C, it boots into a non-GUI linux. There is only one thing when I type LS. Setup.sh.

It would be nice to know what the hell to do with that setup.sh file, but I can't find out anything useful from the website.

I mean, with virtually every other SBC I've used, you just download an image, burn it to a micro-SD, then put it in and boot. I can't even find anything except what's on it from the factory. There is nothing in the instructions about what to do once you're logged into root.

(1) can I have a WORKING link to the Debian 11 or Ubuntu OS that works on the Nanopi R6C? Or perhaps you can tell me if either of them are available, because it seems like they're not available with the broken link to it.

(2) Is there any trick to boot off of the SD card, or do I just insert an imaged SD card and turn it on?

I was really excited to get working with this thing, but the inconsistencies in the website, and the fact that I select English, only to be shown a Chinese download page without any English translation to click on, really turned my experience into a negative one.

I've been using and making projects with Raspberry Pi and most of the imitators, without problems.
You must not have found the R6S wiki page.

Link to wiki: https://wiki.friendlyelec.com/wiki/index.php/NanoPi_R6S

I found the descriptions on that wiki page to be quite detailed including the OS installation procedures and a link to the image files. I tested Debian 11 from sdcard, and also loaded that OS to the emmc. Both worked fine without noticable issues.

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