Hi, dear community members!

I have made some test application in vs2005 for netcf2.0 wince6.0 to run on ARMV4i imx287 board.
vs2005 connects with the board and deploys the application without big issues.
But now my objective is to make a Package. More specific, I tried to make the so called "cab"(cabinet) file, to transfer it onto the board, and then tapping on the copied file, that is supposed to make the file "explode" in other words to get the test application installed on the board I am targeting.
vs2005 makes it possible to accomplish all packaging work in vs2005 IDE.
First off I added the 'Smart Device Cab Project' to my existing solution, then I added the device project application to the CAB project, next I built the CAB file and expected it to be created in the 'Release' folder.
But the 'Release' folder have not been created! Though, in my Device Project directory I noticed the file:
'Smart Device Cab1' (Visual Studio for Devices Deployment Project), which I acknowledged as the desired '*.cab' file. Then with means of VS2005 tool 'Remote file viewer' I transferred it to the board and in the CER host clicked on it.
The SmartDeviceCab1 window popped up and notified me: There is no application associated with Smart Device Cab 1.
Run the application first, then open this file from the within the application.
In the project folder of the development PC I notice the folder Debug, in which I found Smart Device Cab1 win rar archive. Also other files related to the cab project.
What can I do with that? Could anyone kindly take me to understanding, the right approach to the issue? Which kind of file will initiate the installation of my test application on the board?